Wanna know how I know 2017 is going to be the best year ever? Because cheesecake flavored M&Ms are a thing and that's really all that matters.

Ok, so technically white cheesecake flavored M&Ms were launched in 2016, but they were meant as a Valentine's Day 2017 novelty, so I'm going to go ahead and pretend like they weren't tainted by 2016. Unless they taste terrible and are a complete fail, then 2016 can keep 'em.

According to That's Nerdalicious, which is actually a real website, these baby bites of artificial cheesecake flavored goodness have been spotted at Wal-Mart along side M&Ms new caramel-filled chocolate's, which are actually real and will be a permanent member of the M&M gang.

There's no word on how long the cheesecake flavored M&Ms will be hanging around, but it's probably safe to say that you'll be able to get your fill of these magical morsels until Valentine's Day 2017. I mean, that's plenty of time to eat enough M&Ms to fall into a sweet sugar coma.

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