Yesterday before I got off the air, the story broke of a Scott man allegedly bringing a horse into Cowboy's Saloon. Now, a video has surfaced of the horse inside the establishment, and it comes from our media partner, KATC-TV 3. 

This is video was submitted to KATC by one of their viewers and it shows a horse inside the establishment. As confused as we may be about this story, imagine just how confused this horse must be. It's inside a bar!!!

Jeremy Mouton, of Scott, was arrested by Scott Police for allegedly bringing the horse into Cowboy's and for "roping" a man in the parking lot of the establishment. He was charged with the following:

LA. R.S. 14:103 (3) Disturbing the Peace
LA. R.S. 14:63.1 Remaining after being forbidden.
LA. R.S. 14:34.1 Second Degree Battery
LA. R.S. 14:122 Public Intimidation and Retaliation.

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