Apparently, the sign that many of you were talking about on social media a few weeks back may be legit.

KLFY-TV 10 reports that "Tee Boi’s Swinger Trailer Park" is coming to south Louisiana and it will be nestled in the Mamou area.

David Aucoin spoke to KLFY-TV and he said, "You can come to Mamou for many good things. This will be one of them.”

Now, like many of you, I too thought that this was a big joke, and I still do, but Aucoin says that he plans to have the site open for swingers for memorial weekend of 2022.


As for interest in this attraction, Aucoin says that people from all over the country are calling him to inquire about this trailer park site.

Aucoin would go on to tell KLFY-TV“Most of them call or text just to see if it’s real, just to see if somebody is going to answer because they’ll say, ‘Oh, no. Nobody is there. It’s not a real number.’ Or they’ll get on Facebook and say, ‘Oh, it’s not a real number.”  


As you may expect, the reaction to this announcement has had mixed reviews on social media. Some cannot believe what they are hearing and seeing from Mamou, while others say folks are free to do as they wish.

The property will not necessarily be like a traditional trailer park, Aucoin says that he will treat it like a campground, where guests can visit for the weekend.

Again, I cannot confirm that this is an actual project near Mamou, yes I am skeptical about this one, but here's Aucoin outlining his plans for the swinger's club/trailer park on KLFY-TV 10.


As you may expect, many are commenting on this local story and Uncle Luck even weighed in on this hot topic. I'd advise you to turn up the volume for this one!

Uncle Luck is known for adding his own comedic twist to local stories, and here's another one. [NSFW]

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