This is one of the most disturbing videos I have seen in quiet some time. Watch as a youth referee walks off the field and is then "sucker punched" by a disgruntled "coach."

A YOUTH referee is leaving the field after a controversial call and that is when a coached runs from across the field and punches the referee in the FACE!! Yes, a YOUTH football game turns violent and there are KIDS everywhere!!!

According to the report, referee Andrew Keigans gave the Saints a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct after one of the assistant coaches made a derogatory comment from the sidelines. That is when things turn nasty and when a referee is attacked.

I have heard reports that there are fewer and fewer people willing to referee high school athletic games and maybe this is why. I find it DISGUSTING that such "grown men" would resort to these measures. It saddens me that so many kids had to witness this immature act by their "coach."

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