Have you tried King Cake Soda?

While I was out looking for an outfit for the Krewe De Bayou's VooDoo Masquerade Ball I stopped by Rouse's and came across Abita's King Cake soda. It's carnival time and everything is King Cake, from coffee to cookies to beer, and now soda.

I had my kids that are 4 and 9-year-old to try the soda to see what they thought of it. You know kids are very honest, so they will let you know if it's good or not.

This snapchat video shows their reactions to the new soda.

With all this King Cake talk I'm ready for Mardi Gras and I can't wait to party at the Krewe De Bayou's VooDoo Masquerade Ball on January 29th at La Marquise in Parc Lafayette.

For information and tickets to Krewe De Bayou’s Voodoo Masquerade Ball, click HERE, and come party with the Hot Crew.

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