By now we have all seen the video of Speedy fall out of the broken chair behind the radio station. But what you may not have known is that the custodian of all seven radio stations, "Big D," was suppose to throw that chair WEEKS AGO!!

For the first time, "Big D" saw the video of our boy fall out of the chair. No, Speedy was not hurt, but "Big D" does not know that.

Checkout the reaction of our custodian as he watches Speedy take a tumble for the first time. Then, immediately after viewing the mishap, "Big D" felt bad for Speedy and that's when the apologies started.

The real winner here may be Speedy. Not only has his video gone viral, he now appears to be getting a gumbo out of "Big D." And let me admit, "Big D" has a killer gumbo!!!

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