Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. Gibson says that he has reviewed an arrest that lead to a protest this week, and he says that all proper procedures were followed by the deputies involved in the situation.

Gibson says, via press release, that a protest happened based off an arrest of a man who had active warrants and was tased.

To back up and giver perspective on the story, the arrest happened during a curfew that was in place because of Hurricane Delta. The arrest happened on October 11 after there was a call to law enforcement about shot being fired in the area of Kathy Apartments and Meadow Apartments.

Gibson says deputies stopped a car that was in the area where the caller had called saying they heard shots. All the people in the car were asked for ID, and no one had any. When deputies approached the vehicle, they say someone hid someone under one of the seats.

Law enforcement found drugs and a gun in that some stop that one of the car's occupant was seen trying to conceal something.

As deputies were going to the back of the car to detain the person who was seen trying to hide items, they found out he had three active warrants. The man had two warrants for domestic abuse with child endangerment. When deputies tried to put him in cuffs, he resisted, and he tried to run away. He was tased, and he was injured when he fell down. He was taken to the hospital to be treated.

Gibson says no one every contacted the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office to discuss their issues/displeasure with this situation. The protest happened earlier this week though.

The Sheriff reviewed everything from the case, and he determined that all measure taken by deputies in reference to this suspect were appropriate.

Gibson says after his treatment at the hospital this suspect was eventually booked into the jail on the previous three charges along with resisting arrest because of his actions at the scene.


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