Since his arrest, we are continuing to learn more and more about the man who allegedly abducted UL student Mickey Shunick. Those closest to Brandon Scott Lavergne say that he was very "strange" and extremely "flirtatious" at times. In an article by The Independent, a Crowley hairdresser discussed her experiences with the man accused of aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder.  The Independent spoke to a Crowley hairdresser, Holly Bourriague, who cut Lavergne's hair on several occasions. She notes that the last time he came in for a hair cut, June 20th, she noticed what appeared to be a cut on this neck. Keep in mind, this appointment with Bourriague was one month after the disappearance of Mickey Shunick. The stylist would describe the cut on Lavergne's neck, as seen in the mug shot, to be an apparent "knife wound." Bourriague says she could not tell how old the wound was but does not remember noticing it before.

In addition to this observation, the hair stylist described Brandon Scott Lavergne as being a "flirtatious guy." Bourruague said that while she would cut Lavergne's hair, he was  very charming, joking and flirting. The stylist even noted that he called her on his way to Venice, while heading to work, and asked her out on a date upon his return to Acadiana. She says that Lavergne said, I’ll call you in two weeks when I get back in. Maybe we can do something.’ Needless to say, the stylist was really shook up when she heard the news of Brandon Scott Lavergne's arrest.

After reading this article in the The Independent, I was given some further information on yet another local stylist experiencing the same type of behavior from Lavergne. Speaking anonymously, this Lafayette hair dresser told me that while she would cut Lavergne's hair she too was victim of his flirtatious ways. Often he would flirt with her and wait specifically for her to cut his hair. At times, he would would sit through several other appointments to wait for this one particular hair dresser.

The hair dresser I spoke to described Brandon Lavergne as follows: "He was always really friendly or you can say flirty. He was a little different." Like the stylist who spoke to The Independent, she too was in utter shock when she learned of his involvement in the Mickey Shunick case.

On a side note, neither of the hair stylist mentioned in this blog were aware of Lavergne's previous criminal record or of his registered sex offender status prior to his recent arrest by Lafayette Police.

Numerous media outlets are reporting that Lavergne will face a grand jury on July 18, charged with aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder in the disappearance of Mickey Shunick.

For much more on this story visit The Independent.


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