We all do it. We know something is pronounced a certain way, but we enjoy saying it the wrong way because it's fun or it just feels good.

The other day on the air I mentioned a birthday for someone from Loreauville. But for me, I love saying "Lurr-ville." It just hits me right. It's fun to me to say it like that.

Having lived in south Louisiana my whole life, I have heard just about anything and everything mispronounced, especially names of towns.

So, I decided to do a little crowd-sourcing and ask you guys what towns in Acadiana have "multiple pronunciations." Basically, I wanted to know what are some towns that have those other, wonderful pronunciations.

You delivered, so we present this list of towns and the ways those town names are alternatively pronounced.

Acadiana Towns With Multiple Pronunciations

In south Louisiana, we sure have a way with words all our own. Add in the Cajun-French influence and you will hear all kinds of different pronunciations coming out of the mouths of folks from Acadiana. How towns are pronounced is no different as illustrated by this list here.

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