If your hometown had an official rap song, what would it be?

We asked our listeners to pick the one rap song that would be describe their town and the results were hilarious, but very relatable. We heard everything from throwbacks to the hottest club songs, and they were all connected to the towns that make up the entire Acadiana region.

Did your town make the list? If not, make sure you leave your suggestion in the comments and share this with your friends so they can get a laugh, too!

(Warning: Some of these are NSFW, so go easy on the volume if you press play.)

LAFAYETTE - Lafayette is the Hub City of Acadiana, but when it came to choosing a rap song for the city referred to by many as "Laffy," listeners went with the obvious choice. I blame texting for this.

CARENCRO - Carencro is one of the only Lafayette towns with their very own signature rapper. Wochee's music has reached stations all over the country, but he's still true to his hometown of "The Cro." From football to just about everything else, Carencro is known for doing things their own way—daring anyone to tell them otherwise. To show you how true he is to his roots, Wochee re-recorded this special version of his single for UFC fighter and Lafayette native Daniel Cormier to use during a recent championship match.

WASHINGTON - The town of Washington is known for their antique shops and great digs, so Macklemore was a no-brainer. If you ever want to do some good digging, or love to spark up nostalgia, just take a ride down to Washington, LA and "pop some tags."

SCOTT - Scott is known for it's boudin—specifically boudin from Billy's. If you want to get even more specific, it's no secret that the pepperjack boudin balls from Billy's are like the deep fried nectar of Cajun Gods, which makes Lil Troy's anthem the obvious choice.

CROWLEY - Rapper RIFF RAFF is known for many ridiculous one-liners and music videos, but one key lyric we often hear from the animated rapper is "bringing out the rice." Now RIFF may be talking about "rice" with an entirely different meaning, but anyone who has been to Crowley knows that it is indeed the Rice Capital of the World.

EUNICE - My travels to Eunice have always been great travels—mainly because they involve partying and people who love to have a good time. I also noticed they REALLY support their hometown high school. So, what do you get when you combine Eunice High's Bobcat mascot and a solid throw down reminiscent of the old Purple Peacock days? Just go ahead and move your arms like you're wheelchair stuntin'.

GRAND MARAIS - This Creole community in Iberia Parish is a pocket of unique culture—from the way they celebrate Mardi Gras, to the way they continue to uphold family traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. Another thing people from Grand Marais do is quickly remind you that somewhere along the way they are probably related to Beyonce on her mom's side of the family. Which is why they are being represented by Queen Bey along with Nicki Minaj.

OPELOUSAS - The city of Opelousas has been called many things (often using the word "loose"), so when it came to picking a rap song for this area of Acadiana, we didn't have to look far. It's a laid back place that knows how to have a good time and enjoy the party, so this Boosie club classic definitely gets the job done.

RAYNE - Since we're already on a Boosie vibe from Opelousas, we may as well head to Rayne, where some say there is a reputation for fighting amongst the male population. This may or not be true, but it can't be the case for everyone, so why not keep the peace in the Frog Capital?

CHURCH POINT - Every on the Sunday before Mardi Gras, Church Point is known for their Courir De Mardi Gras where men dress up in traditional garb and go door to door begging for ingredients for a communal gumbo that awaits at the end of their route. A prize ingredient is a live chicken that is usually thrown into the air as the drunken men chase it through muddy fields. While the official Courir song was written by Steve Riley, Project Pat wrote this alternative anthem.

BROUSSARD - Ever since I was a young boy growing up in the Broussard area they have continuously made improvements to the town by adding retail and fixing up the roadways (anyone who has sat in traffic on Hwy 90 will agree with me). Broussard is proud of these improvements, and has no issue with showing it in their designated rap song.

YOUNGSVILLE - You know who else has come up over the last few decades? Just like Broussard, Youngsville has seen some major growth and continues to build their community up with new developments, roundabouts, and businesses alike. Some may not know it, but Youngsville has come a long way, and they aren't afraid to remind you.

DELCAMBRE - Delcambre is known for their Shrimp festival and is home for much of the local fishing industry. This type of work requires rubber boots, and Delcambre fisherman sport them proudly. Given their signature white color, these boots are commonly referred to as "Delcambre Reeboks," so Cupid's southern soul hit is the perfect fit.

ABBEVILLE - Boosie has always frequented the Abbeville area, most recently shooting a music video there that had the town abuzz with excitement. In addition to that, the flooding in Vermillion Parish is well documented, so having to wipe things down is nothing new for Abbeville residents.

ERATH - Being in such close proximity with Abbeville, the Boosie influence is strong in Erath—and let's be honest, you can't spell "ratchet" without "Erath." I've personally seen people involuntarily "doing the ratchet" in the streets during a 4th of July celebration in Erath. If that isn't freedom, then what is?

RIVER RANCH - They may not be an official town, but the village of River Ranch is definitely a community with a style that is all their own. That style also happens to be fancy and everyone in Acadiana knows that River Ranch loves to indulge in the finer things in life. Now, let's get drunk in the minibar.

MAMOU - Mamou is known for it's traditional Mardi Gras celebration and is often mentioned during my show being that it's the hometown of my radio partner Chris Reed—but other than that, you can't mention Mamou without talking about "Tante Sue" at Fred's. If you've been, then you already know what she walks around with, pouring down down the throats of their partying patrons. This song should give you a hint.

BREAUX BRIDGE - We played this song on the air, asking what town would claim the local club banger and instantly the phone lines lit up. EVERY SINGLE CALLER SAID BREAUX BRIDGE. This isn't even a choice. It was written.

MAURICE - Anyone who has ever slammed on their brakes upon entering Maurice knows the deal. This place is known as one of the worst speed traps in the country—literally. Maybe they just really enjoy living life slowly in every sense of the word. Whatever the reason, this is their jam. Enjoy it—but no faster than 40 mph.

KAPLAN - The small Vermillion Parish city is full of hard workers, which means their fields are constantly getting plowed and their roads are constantly full of dust and mud from the semi trucks that keep their agriculture rolling. Kaplan is the city. Ridin' dirty is simply the way of life.

NEW IBERIA - The "Berry" has plenty of nicknames and many songs that can describe the one-of-a-kind lifestyle that you have to experience to understand. Any song with "sugar" in the title would be the obvious choice, but due to this recent video this is the only song that will do New Iberia justice.

VILLE PLATTE - This was one that another caller insisted upon. Ville Platte is another one of those places that likes to do things their way. Known as the "heart of Cajun country," you may hear words in Ville Platte that you don't hear anywhere else in Acadiana and their Cajun accent is a little thicker than your average. That's how authentic it is, including their dialect. Nelly wrote a song about that.

ST. MARTINVILLE - What does it mean when the WILDEST holiday (Mardi Gras) is SO WILD in your town, there isn't even enough law enforcement available to handle it. It means that St. Martinville is the most turnt up town in Acadiana. Period.

SUNSET - One caller told us that Sunset may have beautiful country landscapes and a nostalgic feel, but what they're known for is a certain place where people can go and "pay by the hour" with zero visibility of the parking lot. It sounds kind of shady, and we don't know how much of that is true—but in case it is...

DUSON - Don't let the size of the town fool you. With only a little over 1,500 residents it doesn't stop Duson from shelling out the winnings. Whether it's Lucky Deuces or Miss Mamie's, you can "make your dollar holler" one nickel slot at a time. You may be ballin' on a budget, but you're still ballin' nonetheless.

BATON ROUGE (honorable mention) - Even though Baton Rouge isn't technically in Acadiana, plenty of listeners call from there every day. Some are native to the city, and others are there by way of Lafayette. One caller summed it up best when he chose this song being that BR is the capital city of our state and they pretty much play this at every LSU game.

Did we miss your town or city? Would you choose another song for any of the towns listed above? If so, leave us a comment and be sure to share this with all your south Louisiana friends.

Particularly those who enjoy listening to rap music. :)