TMZ is reporting that Dog "The Bounty Hunter" Champman may soon have plenty of time on his hands. The reason being, word out is that he and the A&E network cannot and have not reached a deal to re-sign the show. Sources tell TMZ that '"Dog" and the network have had been negotiating "creative issues," yet they could not reach an agreement. Thus, the network has decided to cancel the show and not film the 9th season of their hit show, "Dog The Bounty Hunter."  If this is so, many fugitives may be breathing a sigh of relief knowing that their face will not be blasted all over network television.



In any case, I don't expect Dog and his crew to be off of television for long. His show has brought to much success to A&E and this may be a great opportunity for any other network to score on this latest decision by A&E.