If you live outside of the city, you have probably seen a coyote or two in your area.

However, in recent months we have received several reports of the wild animal within the city limits of Lafayette. We have even had photos sent to us of coyotes on the loose in the middle Lafayette.

Well, we are approaching mating season for coyotes (February - March) and they are known to become even more aggressive during this time of the year.

I share this with you because I know many of you have pets or small children and I don't want them to be subject to an attack. You need to protect yourself and others from these animals while they are looking to mate.

So, if you know that there are coyotes in your area, be on alert and if you see one, please refrain from approaching it during mating season.

This is a good time to share this bit of information with others on social media, especially if you of someone who has these aggressive animals near their home or business.


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