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In South Louisiana, we're used to saying Tropical Storm then the name of the storm. This week, and for the first time ever we we're hit with a winter storm call Leon. Leon closed down just about all of South Louisiana, putting us Cajuns in our homes for two days straight. It also gave us a lot of time to think up things to do, that could be fun, and sometimes dangerous.

Thanks to our friend Tabatha of Lafayette for sharing this video of her dad and brother racing air boats...Not on the bayou, but on an iced street in Broussard. This is reason #1079 that I love being from down South Louisiana. We can make the best out of any bad situation.

This video was taken in Broussard on Lakeview Dr. It is a dead end street that goes to the back of the zoo. Only a handful of people use that road or even know it is there. The drivers are both licensed captains with the US Coast Guard. It's our friend Tabatha's dad (Tate Grossie) and brother (Jake Grossie) thank you guys again for sharing.

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