As if the embarrassing loss to Alabama in the BCS Championship game wasn't enough, one LSU fan had the proverbial salt poured into his wounds after he was ridiculed by a swarm of Alabama fans at the Bourbon St. location of Krystal Burger. To make matters worse, he was passed out cold! One could assume his unconsciousness was due to one too many adult beverages, but nevertheless this guy was slumbered in some of the worst ways possible.

Did the Bama' fans take it too far? That's what some folks are saying after video footage of the the incident has gone viral. I wasn't there, so I really can't say I'm 100% sure of how everything went down; but here's what I do know.

  • The LSU fan in the video footage appears to be unconscious.
  • Numerous Alabama fans have a laugh at his expense.
  • One Bama' fan takes it to the next level and "teabags" the poor fella'. (If you don't know what "teabagging" is, Google it.)

Even though you can see the LSU fan moving at one point in the video, a few rumors have circulated saying that the victim in this video may or may not have died as a result of alcohol poisoning, which makes the "this guy's life is over" lines that are continuously repeated in the video super creepy.

I'm all about healthy debate when it comes to sports, and I'm definitely an advocate for ribbing when it comes to rivalry, but did these Alabama fans take it too far? Should the "teabagging" guy in the video be prosecuted for sexual harassment? Why didn't any of the Krystal workers seen in the video intervene? Where was the manager on duty? Why didn't anyone else step in or alert the authorities when the line was clearly crossed? Would this video footage be viewed any differently if the LSU fan was a woman?

Click the link below to see the graphic video for yourself, and you be the judge.

***UPDATE: The plot thickens! Since we posted this story yesterday, a lot of developments have taken place due to how quickly this story has gone viral. Many people have agreed that this isn't just a case of LSU fans vs. Alabama fans as much as it a case of sexual assault and neglect. New Orleans Police have investigators looking into the matter and so far, the victim has not come forward to reveal his identity. However, a couple of the Alabama fans have been identified in the worst way possible.

Mobile, Ala.'s WKRG opened its 10 p.m. newscast with the video of an Alabama fan teabagging an LSU fan at the Bourbon Street Krystal after the BCS title game. What WKRG failed to mention is that one of the stars of the video is none other than Patrick Setterstrom, a recent college grad and son of the station's sports director, Randy Patrick Setterstrom. Indeed, if you watch the video, it's Patrick Setterstrom who first attempts to pull out his package before girlfriend Ellen Cassin (who's conveniently wearing a jersey with her own name on it) stops him.

The story only gets better. Check it out here.

[via Deadspin]

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