Ever wanted to drink a glass of wine with your cat? Well, now you can!

Way to make all of my cat-loving, wino dreams come true, Apollo Peak. Seriously, wine for cats? What a flipping genius idea!

Apollo Peak's line of feline friendly spirits is non-alcoholic and comes in flavors like "Pinot Meow" and "MosCATo". The "wine" is made with organic catnip and water and colored with organic beet juice.

I don't even a have a cat, but I'm considering adopting one so I can sit on the couch with my cat on Saturday nights while we both sip on wine. How purrr-fect does that sounds? -- Sorry, I had to get a "purrr-fect" joke in there at some point.

With an 8 oz bottle of Apollo Peak costing $11.95, getting tipsy with your cat is pretty affordable. Will my cat be drinking a glass of Pinot Meow with dinner every night? Definitely not. I mean, I don't even spend $11.00 on a  bottle of wine for myself.

Check out more about Apollo Peak on their Instagram and website.

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