Have you seen the crazy extremely confident/brave alligator guide out of Jean Lafitte, La that likes to jump in the swamp to feed the gators?

Facebook user Stacy Hicks from Oregon got an eyeful when she took the air boat tour out of Jean Lafitte, La.
Not only did the guide jump out of the airboat to feed the alligators, what he did next will blow your mind.
He jumped IN the swamp with a pocket full of raw chicken and marshmallows and started hand feeding the alligators!
If that wasn't dangerous enough, he picked up the gators, with his hands and even his head, giving Stacy something to talk about; a thrilling story (and video) about one of the crazy Cajuns in the South.

We have an update 6/12/14 to the story from WWL in New Orleans just CLICK HERE!

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