An investigation into the fatal shooting of LSU student Allison Rice continues as her family speaks out in the wake of new surveillance audio surfacing.

21-year-old LSU student Allison Rice was found dead in her bullet-ridden vehicle in the early morning hours of Friday, September 16—stopped right near the tracks on Government street not far from I-110 in Downtown Baton Rouge.

Police were able to determine that Rice was shot to death—and while investigators are still working to track down the person(s) responsible for her death, audio from a surveillance device belonging to someone who lives nearby.

A person who lives nearby was being interviewed by WBRZ and told them they heard gunshots as a train was passing through the area. The Baton Rouge news outlet was able to capture audio of the gunshots within 24 hours.

The attack was not seen on video, but in the nearly minute-long recording, about a dozen shots can be heard as a train passes through. After the hail of gunfire stops, the sound of a car's tires screeching can be heard.

Police are asking neighbors, business owners, and other individuals in the community for any surveillance recordings or information they may have that could help them to obtain more information and continue to narrow down any potential leads.


WAFB spoke with the family of Allison Rice who looked into the camera and pleaded for anyone with information to "help investigators solve Allie's murder." Rice's father described the moment he received the devastating news about his daughter on Friday.

We were woken up with a ring of the doorbell, 4:45 in the morning, which you know is never good. I hope no one ever has to get that type of wakeup call ever again

Paul Rice also warned anyone watching his interview to remain vigilant and be aware of their surroundings in the wake of his 21-year-old daughter being murdered after a night out hanging with friends in Mid-City Baton Rouge.

None of us are immune to what happened to Allie last week. This could happen to any of us. The violence, the lack of care for life, the lack of concern for life right now. It just baffles me. You know there’s so much crime going in Baton Rouge right now. I mean, this has really opened a lot of people’s eyes

To add insult to injury, Rice says a cross that was put up near the tracks in Allie's memory was stolen over the weekend.

It has since been replaced with another cross along with flowers, letters, and other items that have been left near the tracks where Allie was killed in memory of the LSU senior.

Rice worked at The Shed BBQ, who has a poster on display for customers to sign in memory of Allie as well as a fundraiser that is in the works for their slain co-worker.

The Shed is also offering a $10,000 cash reward for a lead that can help bring those responsible to justice.

See the full interview and details on memorial services for Rice here via WAFB.

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