New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara has finally broken his silence on the incident that has haunted him for the past year and a half, the 2022 Las Vegas incident that led to his arrest and a potential suspension from the NFL.

After pleading guilty to a non-felony lesser charge, Kamara's legal issues are now behind him, but he awaits the inevitable punishment from the league, which could be handed down any day now.

Earlier this week, Kamara met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to "tell his side of the story." Today, after practice, he faced the media for the first time and candidly discussed the incident and its aftermath.

The Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas had put Kamara in a difficult position, and the footage of the incident did not look good. Admitting his fault, Kamara said, "I was completely wrong. I'm embarrassed." He took full responsibility for his actions, acknowledging "poor judgment on his end" and emphasized that he never wanted to be involved in something where someone gets hurt.

Throughout the past year, Kamara remained silent on the incident to "keep it away from the team." He stated that he has lost money and friends, but he appreciated the support from the people who know him. Kamara revealed that it had been a tough ordeal, but he wasn't seeking pity; he knows he is fully accountable for what he did.

The meeting with Commissioner Goodell was an unconventional move, and Kamara acknowledged that it was "not protocol," but he appreciated the opportunity to do so. He felt "lucky" that the Saints have been supportive throughout the process.

Reflecting on the incident, Kamara mentioned that he was out at 5 in the morning, quoting Tony Dungy, "nothing good happens after 12 midnight." He admitted that he learned a valuable lesson and said, "it's more than just walking away if he's ever in a situation like that again."

Speaking on the weight lifted off his shoulders after addressing the incident publicly, Kamara expressed his excitement about being back on the field with the Saints.

He praised his teammates, including new quarterback Derek Carr, fellow running back Jamaal Williams, and receivers Mike Thomas and Jimmy Graham. Kamara also celebrated Cam Jordan's contract extension, calling him the heartbeat of the team and the city of New Orleans.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Kamara expressed enthusiasm for the offense's potential, stating that he has been more involved in the passing game during training camp. He described the offense as "scary" and "exciting" and remained optimistic that the team wouldn't miss a beat despite the uncertainty of his potential suspension.

As Kamara awaits the NFL's decision on his punishment, he is determined to move forward and put the incident behind him completely. With the legal issues now resolved, he is focused on the upcoming season and is eager to continue making an impact on and off the field for the New Orleans Saints.

See Kamara's entire candid interview with the media here.

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