Saints fans, release your bated breath.

Alvin Kamara will likely not be suspended at any point this season, as reported by Michael Balko of WhoDatDish.

This comes after Kamara faced several delays in the trial concerning the fight he was involved in last year during Pro Bowl week.

All offseason, Saints fans have wondered how many games Kamara would have to sit out.

Kamara's first hearing was scheduled for April, but a request for a delay was approved, and the hearing was rescheduled for the beginning of August.

After the hearing at the beginning of August ended in another approved 60-day delay, the possibility of Kamara being suspended in the middle of the season became a real possibility.

Obviously, this would be a very bad outcome, as a team's post-season outlook is typically earned in those mid-season games and being without a key player like Kamara would be a real hit to the team.

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But it looks like that may no longer be an issue. With all outcomes currently pointing to a 2023 suspension, if any, it appears that Kamara will get a full season alongside this new-look Saints squad.

And that means fans will hopefully get to see a full season of runs like this.

The Saints first preseason game is Saturday, August 13th. A fair few of the Saints starters, including Jameis Winston and Michael Thomas, are not expected to play. It is still unconfirmed if Kamara will see any snaps.

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