We have all once popped the top of our favorite energy drink to get us through a long day, but it appears that the youth of America have become more and more reliant on everyday energy drinks. A new study out says,almost three-quarters of young people rely on energy drinks to keep them going.

I can't sit here and type this blog and deny that I don't rely on them either. After a long night out, or whatever the case may be, I too often need a boost in the morning to get me moving. However, it appears that the younger generation, which some have labeled them as "Generation-Z,"  needs their energy drink fix more than older generations. Wait, as a youth, are you suppose to be vibrant and full of energy already?

A study by market research analysts Mintel found that 73 percent of 16- to 24-year-olds use the drinks, compared to only 31 percent of the over-55s. 66 percent specifically say the improvement of their performance at work or while studying is a key reason for consumption.

Whatever the case may be, energy drinks have become more and more popular in recent years. The next time you are at a gas station, watch how many people march towards the energy drink section of the coolers and remove their favorite. It is stunning to watch how many people, regardless of their age, purchase energy drinks while you are in line at a gas station or convenient store. And again, I am not going to sit here and critique those who walk towards their favorite energy drink at stores or stations because I too often make that same march.