The owner of and books too on Johnston street announced the store will be having a retirement sale, marking the end of an era for the Lafayette comic book store.

The announcement was made on Monday (Jan 2.) via the official and books too Facebook page with a photo detailing their retirement sale.

The caption on the photo stated at all "card games, comics, books, miniatures, warhammer, board games, graphic novels" would be sold at a discount of 25% off the original price.

A Reddit post from a few weeks back alluded to the store "closing in a few months" but there was no firm date according to user cfjedimaster.

FYI, I went to pick up my comics a few days ago at And Books Too and was informed they will be closing in a few months. (No firm date.)

We reached out to and books too to get more information on their retirement, and/or any future plans. In the meantime, people have been chiming in with their memories of the Lafayette staple.

Facebook, and books too
Facebook, and books too

We'll update this story when and if we get any more information and wish the crew at and books too the best in their retirement.

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