The world is a much different place since the attack of COVID-19 on the human race. People are more on edge, riddled with anxiety, scared and sometimes just downright rude since the onset of the pandemic.

We blame COVID-19 for a lot of things these days, many of which have nothing to do with the virus itself. Like the lack of respect for others and the enhanced "me first" attitude that seems to plague our current social climate.

One example comes from an anonymous letter from a person who was disrespected in the meat department of a Lafayette Super 1 One Foods.

I was standing at one of the meat coolers checking out the Angus steaks on display. I had decided on the type of steak I wanted and was looking at the sell-by date on the only two packs of steaks left of the type I wanted. I raised the top pack containing two steaks to look at the other pack underneath. The pack below didn't look as nice. Both sell-by dates were the same. With my hand placed underneath the pack of steaks on top, a woman bolts up to me with a basket, parks the basket on my left and pushes her way between the cooler and me (there's only about a foot between me and the edge of the cooler). She grabs the pack of steaks resting in the palm of my left hand, throws it in her basket and walks away. WALKS AWAY! The only remaining pack of steaks was the last pack, probably because they were small and didn't look nearly as nice as the others on top. I ended up buying them anyway 'cause I wanted that cut of meat and didn't feel like stopping at another store on the way home. The whole incident took probably about three seconds. As the woman in a dark coat and medium-length hair walked off, I thought to myself, you can't blame that on COVID. -Anonymous

The above incident is said to have taken place the week of January 3, 2022, at a Super 1 Foods in Lafayette.

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