This made for a great discussion on the radio.

While so many young folks have received their high school diplomas, others are now wearing their Senior rings. 

But are these rings really worth it? That's the question we asked Thursday morning on the radio. The rings are expensive and are often forgotten about upon graduating high school.

Many that once got their Senior ring in high school can't even tell you where it is now. Is it in your possession or is at your parent's house?

I think we made an excellent point on-air, the rings are so meaningful at the time (while in high school), but as you get older, the graduation ring seems to lose its value.

Sure, a Senior ring can carry memories for a lifetime, but how often do you take out your ring out to reminisce?

Let me know what you think in the comment section. Are graduation rings overrated?

Would you have rather had your parents spend their money on something else other than a ring as you approached your Senior year? Some have already suggested that.

Let us know!


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