The mother of a second-grader, that has been diagnosed with "ADHD," is upset today because she learned that her child may have been taped to a chair in the classroom. The second-grader says that her teacher taped her to the chair because she was getting up too often to sharpen her pencil. 

The little girl says that her teacher, who has since been removed from the school pending the outcome of the investigation, taped her to the chair with one strip of tape around her stomach and another strip going higher up.

The second-grader's mother is outraged over the incident and she tells KGUN9 News, "She likes to be happy and they tied her to a chair." Upon learning about this, the mother of the little girl notified the Tucson Police Department and they have since launched an investigation into this matter.

The Tucson Unified School District has since removed the teacher involved in this incident from the classroom until an investigation is complete. The school district says that they take such claims seriously, and that disciplinary actions will be taken if the teacher is found guilty of taping this child to her desk.

Its really sad to see a kid, who trusts her teacher so much, have to go through this. It is suppose to be a joyful time of the year as kids and teachers return to the classroom, but for this second-grader and her parents, it seems like they have not started the school year as they wished. The young girl has not returned to school since the accusations surfaced.