Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. It's how you handle both that measures your character. Based on that statement, Arkansas Head Football Coach Bobby Petrino is a sore, sore loser. After going up 14-0 on the LSU Tigers as a visitor in Death Valley Coach Petrino wasn't too elated that Les Miles and his squad came back and "ran up the score" (most other people would just call it winning a football game).

Petrino was seen on camera yelling at Les Miles from across the field, and when the final seconds ticked away the traditional post-game handshake at mid-field was very brief and very, well.. awkward. I guess the beauty of it all is not only was all caught on national TV for everyone to see, it is now permanently embedded on the web for all to share for eternity.

Petrino snubbed Miles, who was visibly stunned that his colleague would act in that manner, and I can't blame him. This is college football, not Pop Warner with a mercy rule. If you don't want a team to beat you badly, then play with some pride and stop them. It was clear that the Razorbacks had flat out quit on the field, and with national title implications hanging over the Tigers, I don't blame them for doing all they can to get there.

[via BleacherReport]

So much for setting a good example for your players.

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