(KPEL) — Family and friends of missing teen Keiosha Felix say police have made arrests in connection with her disappearance.

Keiosha’s cousin Portia Felix and her aunt Patricia Andrus have been arrested.  Felix was charged with obstruction of justice in the case. Andrus is charged with accessory to rape and improper supervision. Andrus’ boyfriend, Leon Wilkerson, was arrested earlier in the week in connection with the case.

Family say Duson Police still consider Felix missing, and they are asking for assistance from the public for any information that may help police find her.

“They are asking anyone who has spoken to Felix or has any firsthand knowledge of Keiosha being in the Fightinville area at a Ms. Darlene’s home or the Ossun area…to please contact the Duson Police Department,” the group’s Facebook page says.

Call Duson Police at (337) 873-6736 or (337) 232-9211 if you have any information.

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