A Louisiana water plant worker has been fired over a disturbing act that was caught on film at his job.

57-year-old Michael Mastin was arrested by the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office and charged with two counts of contaminating water supplies and two counts of criminal damage to a critical infrastructure after he was caught urinating in the parish water supply.

According to WBRZ, Ascension Parish officials shared a video showing the act as Mastin can be seen urinating into the supply with his lower body out of frame.

The incident happened March 19 at the parish's water plant in Donaldsonville. Video shared by parish officials showed Mastin walking up to a surveillance camera and adjusting it so that his lower body and the water were just out of frame. The video then shows him standing on a platform over the water for about a minute and a half before he walks back over to the camera and moves it back to its original position.

Once parish officials caught wind of the bizarre act days after it happened, disciplinary action was taken, and upon termination, Mastin was arrested by Ascension Parish officials.


According to Ascension President Clint Cointment, the contamination via urination never posed a threat to the community.

At no time was the public in danger. All water samples taken to date are in good standing and meet all safe water drinking requirements

A full statement from Cointment's office via WBRZ offered details on the action steps taken in Mastin's termination.

From day one my administration has worked hard to build a professional parish work force that reflects and exceeds the expectations of the residents of our great parish. Today, I am
extremely disappointed to be sharing the results of an employee disciplinary action.

On March 22, 2023, parish government was informed that an employee at the Donaldsonville water plant urinated in the water supply. An investigation was immediately initiated and the administration unfortunately determined the report was credible. The Parish President immediately authorized the termination of the employee. Upon the termination the employee was arrested by Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

At no time was the public in danger. All water samples taken to date are in good standing and meet all safe water drinking requirements.

As Parish President, I am extremely disappointed, and I find this conduct disgusting and
unacceptable. This type of behavior will never be tolerated in parish government. Since the
beginning of this administration we have held our parish employees accountable and this is no exception. I demand accountability on behalf of the public.

The administration reported this incident to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, District
Attorney’s Office and federal and state authorities. This incident is now in their jurisdiction as an ongoing investigation.

615 E. Worthey Street, Gonzales, Louisiana 70737

Telephone (225) 450-1138 www.ascensionparish.net facebook.com/AscensionGov

March 22, 2023
9:22am the administration was informed that an incident occurred
9:30am-10:45am administration investigated to verify the report was credible
10:46am incident was reported to the Sheriff’s office
11am-11:30am calls were placed to LDH and the District Attorney’s office
2:45pm the employee was terminated and taken into custody by the Sheriff’s office

See the full story here via WBRZ.

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