All I remember about 5th grade was the bags of milk that were tricky to get into. However, there is no doubt that the kids arriving to "Ron Clark Academy" will remember their 1st day of school.

We believe in starting things big and ending things big!” Clark said by phone. “Our school is academically a beast, so we surround the students with love, passion and energy to help them get through.”- Ron Clark

Clark moved to Atlanta after an incredible amount of media exposure -- from being named a Disney American Teacher and writing a book on his teaching methods that was backed by Oprah Winfrey -- to build his dream school, where educators did whatever was necessary to reach their students.

The kids and teachers can be seen "Milly Rocking" down the red carpet on the first day of school to start the school year. This is a tradition that has been going on for nearly a decade and it seems to be working.

Has anything like this ever happened at your school? Do you know of any other school that has any traditions like this? Or, what school do you think would do this in Lafayette?