You know you are extremely rich when you have enough money to build a replica of The Titanic. And that is exactly what one Aussie Billionaire plans to do. Clive Palmer plans to have the ship built and then sail from England to New York in 2016.Palmer says Titanic II will have the features and luxury of the original ship, but with the wise additions of modern navigation and safety systems. However, like its predecessor, it this ship hits something it too can sink.



The Billionaire, whom is worth approximately $5 Million, says that this ship will be built better and built so that it won't sink in the event of.

However, I'd be skeptical about jumping on this ship for it's first voyage. To me personally, jumping on this ship as it deports for the first time could be risky. Call me superstitious, but being on any ship named "Titanic" would be just a little but creepy.

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