Take A Submarine Tour Of The Titanic Wreckage For $125,000
You read that headline correctly. A tour company will soon be launching passenger voyages into the underwater wreckage of the historic Titanic ship. The trip will run you roughly $125,000, so you better check and see how that rainy day fund is looking.
Gates Does Blink 182
Kevin Gates recently sat down with Pitchfork for an episode of "Over/Under" and the end result was nothing short of hilarious.
Titanic II To Set Sail In 2016
An Australian billionaire by the name of Clive Palmer, announced he has signed a deal with a chinese company, CSC Jinling Shipyard, to build the Titanic II. He said it's maiden voyage in late 2016 will be from England to New York. Clive said " It will be every bit as luxurious as the original T…
Titanic SUPER 3D Parody [VIDEO]
Honestly, this is the FIRST VIDEO parody made about a movie that I have ever seen.  Lately, a lot of movies that were made in the past are coming back into theaters as 3D features.  With that being said, SOME shows should never be made in 3D, which is why I'm glad this came out!

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