Last month we introduced you to Dave, a 27-year-old who loves balloons so deeply that he cuddles with them while sleeping. Dave insists that he never takes things to the sexual level with his rubber friends, though. Because that would be weird. To him, they are more like children than lovers – Ignore the part about him rubbing his belly on them, ok?

Elle, a Denver-based dominatrix, is a different story. She is quite upfront about her sexual attraction to the helium-filled party supplies. In an segment on National Geographic’s ‘Taboo,’ the 46-year-old details just what it is that turns her on about them:

“A ‘blow-to-pop’ is where you inflate a balloon until it pops,” she explains. “It feels wonderful. I feel strong when I blow it up. You’re just waiting. ‘Is it going to pop? Is it going to pop? Is it going to pop?’ So when it does, it makes you go, ‘Yeah.”

According to journalist Karen McIntyre, Elle isn’t the only “popper” out there. In fact, a quick google search offers a plethora of information on the fetish’s culture, terminology, and theorized roots. With that, we add balloons to the long list of things that can get people off.

You can watch more of Elle’s balloon fetishism in action on her bizarrely racy YouTube channel.

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