issued an apology after photos surfaced On-Line of a noose in their bar and a pro-confederate cup in the establishment.

Reggie's Bar, in Tigerland, released the following apology via Twitter and explained why the rope was hanging from the rafters in the bar. They also addressed a cup that appears to be pro-Confederate,

The bar says that the cup was removed from a shelf and should not have been in service. The establishment says those cups, which are offensive to some customers, were put away.

As for the rope hanging from the ceiling, the bar says it was used to hold up a beer barrel, but when employees removed the barrel they forgot to take the rope down from the rafters.

Some on Twitter have not accepted their apology, while others have. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

This establishment is currently on probation until the end of the year after it was cited for underage drinking this past summer.

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