This is pretty cool.

A new bar in Lafayette is creating a buzz through the city with its new seating arrangement at two of its tables.

Chip's Daquirii's has a new location in Lafayette, off of Congress, and you can't help but notice two of their tables when you arrive.

Both inside and outside you'll see a huge table surrounded by swings. Yes, you can slowly swing while sitting at these tables with friends or colleagues.

You may have seen these in other cities you've visited, but to my knowledge, these are a first for Lafayette.

Facebook via Chip's
Facebook via Chip's

In addition to the tables with swings around them, the new bar has tables in what I'll call "pods".

If you look in the background of the photo here, you can see that the tables inside the bar are isolated, thus allowing for a more intimate setting for you and others.

The new design at this bar in Lafayette already has many talking about it and many have already tried out the unique seating around these tables.


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