With the recent viral story of a woman putting Gorilla Glue in her hair taking the internet by storm, it was only a matter of time until others attempted to gain some clout off of misusing this adhesive. One Baton Rouge man landed in the ER after getting a plastic cup stuck on his face thanks to the glue.

You can check out the Facebook post from Len Martin with video of his #GorillaGlueChallenge as well as a photo from his emergency room visit below.

*DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME* (I can't believe I even have to include this warning)

According to the report from KLFY, Martin said that the doctor had to peel the cup off of his lip which I am sure was quite painful. Additionally, Martin could have to surgically remove part of his lip if it does not heal correctly.

Of course, the allure behind using Gorilla Glue incorrectly came when a Louisiana woman decided to use the glue in lieu of actual hair products. Now, imitators are looking to capture a bit of their own clout by jumping onto the dumbest trend I have seen since the Tide Pod craze.

Once again, please refer to the warning label when using Gorilla Glue, but we all know very well that these people knew they were in for trouble when they decided to apply glue where it wasn't supposed to. But, the internet will always show up for ridiculous happenings like these.

So here you go, Mr. Martin! Hopefully this will be enough clout for you to fill up that plastic cup if it isn't already full of tears from the pain.

You Know You're From Louisiana

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