The Louisiana woman, who became the talk of the internet after putting Gorilla Glue in her hair, has now launched a haircare line that is receiving both support and criticism from social media.

See the report from @Complex via Twitter below.

According to the above report and Brown's Instagram account, the woman who went through the ringer in order to salvage the Gorilla Glue in-the-hair incident she ended up in has created a haircare line that includes a growth product. Brown boasts on her Instagram that this product has left her hair, "healthy, thick and shiny" after months of use.

BigBoyTV via YouTube

The journey has been a rocky one for Brown, who needed special surgery to bring her hair back to a normal state. To make matters worse, the doctor who conducted Brown's pre-op actually found lumps in her breasts which were removed.


The reactions to the release of Brown's hair product line have been mixed and you can see that via some Facebook comments from Complex's post below.

While some on social media have supported Brown in her new endeavor, others have been critical saying they wouldn't trust a hair product recommended by someone who put Gorilla Glue in her hair.

Whatever your feelings are on this news, I think Brown is pretty smart for taking advantage of the spotlight she was thrust into. I doubt she expected to go as viral as she did after the massive mistake she made, but you can't knock someone for trying to capitalize on a little bit of publicity.

We haven't heard of any plans from Brown to open a brick-and-mortar establishment for haircare needs, it would be really interesting to hear of a haircare store owned by a woman who was famous for making a huge hair mistake. But speaking of businesses we would like to see come to the area, here are some for you to check out.

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