Over the last week I have only been hearing bits and pieces about the bar fight at a Baton Rouge establishment, allegedly involving a group of LSU football players including Jordan Jefferson. The police report has been released and the details, based on eyewitness accounts, paint a pretty crazy picture.

Video has also surfaced of Baton Rouge police searching the off-campus apartment of LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, and if I didn't know any better, I would assume that this investigation was surrounding a murder trial.

Police search LSU QB Jordan Jefferson's Off-Campus Apartment from Tiger Television on Vimeo.

Baton Rouge Police Department searched the off-campus apartment of LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson. They were seen taking bags of evidence from the Oakbrook Apartment complex near Nicholson and Lee Drive. This search is part of an investigation concerning a bar fight last Thursday night that included Jefferson and three other LSU football players.
No arrests have been made in this investigation.

[via TigerTV]

In my opinion this entire situation has spun out of control. There were no extensive injuries and no long term hospital stays. Shouldn't all parties involved be charged with simple battery and just move along? LSU fans are now worried that their starting quarterback's involvement may jeopardize the upcoming season, beginning with the much anticipated opener against powerhouse Oregon.

So far it has been a huge black-eye on the LSU football team (no pun intended). Police reports, videos, allegations, hateful feedback on Jefferson's Facebook page, and even restraining orders have created a huge gumbo of controversy making it hard to focus on what Jordan Jefferson and his LSU teammates should be focusing on right now.


Do you think this situation has been blown out of proportion?

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