Following up on the news we reported about remains found in Evangeline Parish earlier today, Cpl. Paul Mouton formally addressed the media as the body they believe to be Mickey Shunick was transported from the scene (pictured above) by the Lafayette Parish Coroner's Office.

Based on the press conference, these are the facts that we know at this time.

  • The body has been transported from the scene of the investigation to Lafayette Parish by the Lafayette Parish Coroner's Office, where it will be examined in the next couple of days
  • The body has NOT been confirmed as Mickey Shunick
  • There will NOT be a positive ID on the body for at least the next 24-36 hours
  • Police feel strongly that the body is indeed Mickey Shunick, but they cannot 100% say that is a fact until experts run tests, and results confirm those beliefs once tests are completed
  • Their confidence comes from the course of their investigation, and "very credible" information that they have received
  • Police would not confirm or deny that Brandon Scott Lavergne provided them with the tip
  • The body was found beneath the surface, in a grave described as "fairly deep"
  • Though Mouton slipped and referred to the body as a "she," when asked by reporters about the gender, he said that they could not confirm whether it was male or female
lafayette crime scene process evangeline parish private cemetary




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