We here at Hot 107-9 are encouraging you to take Hot 107-9 to the most random places you may go. Simply make your "Hot 107-9" sign/poster and take it with you to the most random place you can think of. Take your sign with you wherever you may go and send us the picture to document your visit.

MacKenzie Bourg, who is on NBC's "The Voice," started our mission while he was in-studio with Chris Reed On-Air. As you can see, MacKenzie "Got" our sister station 99.9 KTDY. Simply make a sign and pose in front of something or someone.

I recently "Got"our media partner KATC-TV 3!!! Through a few side doors I was able to sneak onto the new set at KATC-TV, and I "Got" the most watched TV station in Acadiana. Candice, who may be the biggest UL fan in Acadiana, recently "Got" the UL football program by going to Cajun Filed and posting up on the 50-yard line with her Hot 107-9 sign.

Now, we ask that you take Hot 107-9 with you to some rather creative locations in Acadiana or beyond. Make your sign and send your pictures to us. You can also post your pictures on the Hot 107-9 Facebook as well. Have Fun, Be Safe, and most importantly Be Creative!!! We can't wait to see who you may get!!!



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