Video of a beach brawl during Spring Break 2015 is going viral after a lone deputy got the situation under control, manhandling troublemaking punks with no backup.

St. Pete Spring Breakers complained that a man was threatening beach-goers. When the Pinellas County deputy arrived, he came face to face with the man that was allegedly causing the disturbance, 25-year-old Josh McMahon.

The deputy immediately bodyslams the belligerent McMahon into the sand, but as he attempts to handcuff him to get the situation under control a friend of McMahon, 24-year-old Justin Lewis interfered.

After struggling to keep Lewis away from the situation, the deputy has to get tough and pushes Lewis away with a forceful blow that sent him flying. Lewis continued to interfere, and eventually started fighting with bystanders.

The deputy eventually got both McMahon and Lewis onto the ground as he called for backup. But minutes go by and no help was in sight.

Bystander George Voucas described the situation.

Oh it took a good 10-15 minutes. They should have been there ASAP. The cop was alone. Luckily he was a big guy. To be honest, if he wasn't the size he was I don't think he would've been able to handle the situation.

In a day and age where police are often criticized for using excessive force, this officer should be praised for how he handled a situation where he was heavily outnumbered and surrounded in a hectic situation.

Both McMahon and Lewis were charged with battery on a police officer. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says it is reviewing the video as well as the need to increase patrols on the beach.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Department

Shame on any St. Pete Spring Breakers who start any trouble while Lone Beach Deputy is on patrol.

Portions of brawl caught by drone camera.