Planking was ridiculous. Tebowing was moronic. Now, your next one-night stand experience may be subject to the latest internet trending craze. Thanks to Gaz from Geordie Shore, (the UK version of that MTV show that you're thinking of right now) folks are tweeting pictures of their unsuspecting one-night stands using the hashtag #BedOfShame.

Last Sunday, Gaz sent a tweet to his 500,000 followers

"How many people r doing the walk of shame hahahaha #wakeupwitharandom #awkwardtaxihome" he tweeted last Sunday to his ~500,000 followers. His minions complied, and Gaz retweeted many of the photos (which he has since deleted.) "Loved #BedOfShame #awkwardsundays," he said, as the topics trended. "Defo doing it again next week yer?"

[via Jezebel]

The shameful photos came pouring in until numerous UK newspapers, including The Sun, caught wind of the half-naked free-for-all, which quickly brought things to a grinding halt. Gaz deleted all of the photos and comments from his Twitter feed and issued an apology:

"I'm truly sorry for my behaviour on Twitter I know I‘ve let you down. I've deleted the photos and comments and please will you do the same."

If you search #BedOfShame on Twitter now, you will find more people talking about the controversy, than actual pictures ... but there are still people who are posting photos of their one-night stands, unbeknownst to the subjects in their pics.

#bedofshame pictures on twitter

A lot of tweets came from people who were pissed that Gaz had to apologize. Others went as far as saying people who are "slutty" enough to sleep with others on the first date "deserve to be publicly shamed for having a one night stand."

The only thing I smell here is lawsuits.

What do you think of the #BedOfShame internet trend? Funny? Tasteless? Comment below!

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