A member of the studio audience revealed some of the things that happened during Justin Bieber‘s guest spot on ‘The Voice’ last Tuesday (April 17), during which he revealed the release date for ‘Boyfriend.’ The Biebs made his bombshell reveal and then quickly bounced. He was seen later that night at a Lakers game, smooching with his lady love Selena Gomez, who had just performed on ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ herself. The couple that appears on reality shows together, stays together.

A source posted on Oh No They Didn’t, revealing that Bieber made a swift exit and that those adorable blokes in the Wanted also kissed and hugged fans surrounding them in the pit during their performance before the second take of ‘Chasing the Sun.’ The second take was actually the one that aired, according to the fan who was there.

During commercial breaks, all of the coaches were checking their phones, with Cee Lo Green, who was somewhat quiet during the ep, browsing his phone at a near-constant pace. Most people are attached to their phones, so it’s not surprising that the celeb coaches had their phones close by during the elim ep.

The attendee also said that Caron Daly never interacted with the crowd at all. He walked off stage during breaks and didn’t do much other than say his lines and do his thing.

How’s that for a bird’s eye view?