Going to the movies is quite an experience, but let's be real. It's expensive man! Especially if you take a date, or really break the bank by having to bring the entire family. It really starts to add up when you toss in the $7 drinks and $6 popcorn multiplied by the amount of people you are treating to the cinema experience.

Universal Pictures is testing new method of presenting brand new movies in the home as well as the theaters when they debut. This means that if a movie you have been anticipating drops this Friday, you can watch it at home in your underwear this Friday too-for a price of course.

Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller's new movie 'Tower Heist' will be offered to residents in Atlanta and Portland for a fee of $60. At first that price seems steep, but factor in the luxury of viewing the movie in your own home (Video On Demand), not to mention the fact that you can have as many people as you'd like over to watch the movie as well. Even though watching a new blockbuster from the comforts of your own couch is an interesting proposition, it does still seem like a bit much for ONE movie at home, especially if you don't have a LARGE family.

For now, I'll still empty my pockets and huff it down to the Grand on Johnston for my overpriced movie experience. But, what do you think about the new Video On Demand concept?

Tower Heist Trailer

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