If you like something in real life, chances are, there is a Facebook page for it. From Oreos to Origami, Facebook gives us the chance to keep up with our favorite people, places and things as well as allowing us to socialize and converse with those who share the same particular interest. Some of our favorite pages (in no particular order) to keep up with are local Facebook pages that were created and continue to be fueled by people right here in Lafayette. Hopefully by the end of this list, we will have enhanced your Facebook news feed with one or more of the following local like-worthy pages.

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    Lafayette, Louisiana


    The unofficial official Facebook page of Lafayette

    Not everyone jumped on the phenomenon that is social media right away, including the City of Lafayette. When they decided to hop on board with an "official" Lafayette Facebook page, there was already an "unofficial" page that had 20,000+ likes, tons of pictures, links, great tidbits and conversations about our great city of Lafayette. Today the unofficial page is still the better of the two pages, which makes it a must-follow on our list.

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    Viva La Waffle


    Waffles on wheels

    In case you were unaware, there is a truck that drives around Lafayette serving gourmet waffles. Adults flock to this truck like children flock to the neighborhood ice cream man. What's cool, is if you want to know where the truck will be located on any given day, all you have to do is check out their Facebook page. This one is a no brainer.

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    Lafayette Memories


    The ultimate Lafayette nostalgia

    Lafayette Memories provides a place for people to post pictures, videos and stories about growing up in Lafayette. The city has gone through, and continues to go through changes. It's awesome to hear that your favorite fast food joint off the thruway used to actually be a funeral home. Our city is an interesting place and no matter how old you are, this page is great for learning and sharing stories about the history of our great city of Lafayette.

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    Eat Lafayette


    Get your local grub on

    One thing that you hear time and time again is that Lafayette and it's surrounding areas have the best food on the planet. Recently, we have been recognized on a national level for our cuisine and Eat Lafayette provides a place for you to discover and enjoy our locally owned restaurants in the area. Check out this page, and we promise you might find your next favorite place to 'manger.'

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    Events, concerts, sporting events & all things entertaining in Lafayette

    Chances are, you have been to a concert, an event, a game, something entertaining inside of the Cajundome. It is the go-to venue in Lafayette and if you want to keep up with all the events and attractions that will be coming to the Cajundome, their official Facebook page is the place. They also run contests on their Facebook page for free tickets to these events and attractions, so you might actually benefit by liking their page now. Who doesn't like free stuff?

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    For Sale, Wanted, or Free In Lafayette, LA


    Buy stuff, sell stuff, free stuff

    The title says it all. If you are looking to buy something in Lafayette, this is the place. If you are looking to sell something in Lafayette, this is the place. If you are looking to get rid of something, or looking for something for free in Lafayette, this is the place. This is basically like the Quick Quarter, eBay and Craigslist all in one local Lafayette stream. The items range from very useful to VERY weird. Definitely worth the like.

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    Oh, Lafayette

    31 Likes (newly converted from a Facebook Group)

    For those OMG moments in Lafayette

    How many times have you seen something around town that makes you say "OMG"? Funny personalized plates, a mattress on the roof of a car, a lawn mower in the trunk. Have you ever felt like what you are seeing at your local grocery store could easily make it on the "people of walmart" website? These are the moments that make us say "Oh, Lafayette".. and the former popular Facebook group has now converted to a Facebook page for you share your "Oh, Lafayette" moment amongst all the other hilarious pictures on the page. Your smartphone camera will soon be working overtime!

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    DWI Checkpoint@ (Lafayette)


    If cops are clocking, the page comes knocking

    This local Lafayette Facebook page is your ultimate crowd sourcing spot when it comes to speed vans, motorcycle police, state troopers, speed traps, DWI Checkpoints and more. Even if you are innocent, we all love to know where the cops are. I've never met anyone who loves to get tickets. Have you? Keep in mind, knowing where police and checkpoints are doesn't give you the right to drink and drive. Don't be an idiot, drink responsibly, drive safely and get the upper hand on the fuzz by liking this local Facebook page.

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    The University Of Louisiana


    Wear Red! Click Red! Like Red!

    From academics to sports and everything in between. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is represented by this Facebook page that is your one stop shop for all things Ragin Cajun. Whether you are a student, alumni or just a fan of the Ragin Cajuns, this page is a must-follow. Click Red! and support the Cajuns.

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    KATC-TV 3: Acadiana's Newschannel


    If it's news in Lafayette, it's here

    There used to be a time when you saw multiple police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances flying by your house and had no idea what was going on. Not anymore. KATC's Facebook wall has become a source of instant gratification for the simple question "what's going on." From user submitted pictures that put their fans right in the midst of all the action to the ability to let people know about evacuations and important news instantly, not to mention the natural crowd sourcing of a Facebook page with over 35,000 locals, KATC is literally "everywhere", making it a must-follow page on our list.

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    Busted In Acadiana


    Lafayette's modern day crime deterrent

    Imagine if the local arrests in your daily newspaper showed up in your Facebook news feed with full color mugshots and commentary from your fellow citizens. Enter 'Busted In Acadiana.' There is a love/hate relationship with the page, but their credo is pretty simple: "Don't get arrested, don't get embarrassed." Their exposure of local public arrest records and mugshots has helped the 'Busted In Acadiana' page to gain over 40,000 Likes on Facebook making it the most popular page in Acadiana. Not to mention, they have the city of Lafayette on their best behavior.

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    Hot 107.9


    The hottest Facebook page in Lafayette

    When it comes to the hottest music, the latest news, concerts, entertainment and the best listeners, we had to toot our own horn on the local list of Facebook pages. On average, we are 20,000 likes ahead of any other radio station in Lafayette, and if the numbers aren't enough proof, just check out the wall for yourself. When it comes to pop culture, hot music and all around fun, you won't miss a beat with Hot 107.9 in your news feed. Like it now!