While you were sleeping, Beyonce decided she would drop an entire self-titled visual album that included 14 new songs and 17 new videos with literally NO warning. The internet reacted in a huge way, praising Queen Bey for the game-changing move, but here is why "girl f*** your cupcakes" is the only reply that matters.

After casually posting her album and shocking her fan base, along with the entire music industry; Beyonce posted a photo of vegan cupcakes (remember, she and Jay Z are vegans now; at least until Christmas) a few hours later, which garnered the only response to her new surprise album that matters.


From here on out, "girl f*** your cupcakes" will be my reply to just about anything that qualifies for it. This woman has spoken to an entire generation, with just four simple words. When she caught wind that her reply had gone viral, this was her response.

To those who are peeping my page AFTER reading my comment (and subsequently deciding to go in), note that I am a @beyonce stan to the 10th power. In order for you to “get” my comment, you’d have to know my voice. Of course I’m happy she dropped a new album; we waited long enough for it. My comment was speaking more to the fact that Bey oh so casually posted a pic of cupcakes after literally dropping a musical bomb on us. The ‘fuck your cupcakes’ comment was my way of saying ‘ok Motha. Let’s talk about this bomb ass album and worry about these cupcakes later.’ Anyway, there’s that. Enjoy your Friday, guys.

[via Hypervocal]

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