Beyonce is an expert at glamming up and dressing down, but one thing that’s consistent with the star — her nails. Bey’s taken a liking to blue nail polish ever since her beautiful baby girl, Blue Ivy, was born in January, but now she’s taken her manicure a step further to also pay tribute to her hubby, Jay-Z. The ‘Glory’ rapper’s mug is emblazoned right next to Beyonce’s on her nails!

Bey posted a photo of her blinged out digits on her official tumblr. Her nails are a gorgeous royal blue with gold embellishments, including rhinestones, glittery top coats and gems. On some nails, she has letters J, Z, N and B, while others are sparkly. On one finger, there’s a smiling photo of herself, and on another a grinning Jigga, each affixed by tiny gold studs.

Also visible on her hands? Lots of bling in the form of rings that are probably worth more than the average house.

Beyonce, who usually sports honey blond extensions, has been rocking braids lately. Not only is she glam, but she also spares no expense on anything, so a sparkly mani shouldn’t shock anybody. Remember, this is the same lady who rented a house in the Hamptons for $400,000 for a month!

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