Furry puppies are cute. Fashionable furry eyebrows --think Cara Delevingne-- are gorgeous. But, furry nails? No, absolutely not.

Fur nails? Seriously? I just can't even. I didn't realize the importance of a top coat until yesterday and now you're telling me that I should be putting synthetic hair on my nails?

How are you supposed to get that fur off? Let's be real, normal nail polish remover is not going to take that stuff off. I mean, have you ever tried taking of glitter nail polish? That is practically impossible, so I can only imagine how hard it would be to take flipping fur off of your nails. I just can't even. Did I say that already? Well, let me say it again, I just can't even with these furry nails.

Okay, okay, I know you are dying to see more pics, because it's hard to believe this is a thing. But, it is, and if I see you walking down the street with fur nails I will judge you.


If you see these pics and think to yourself "yes, I do want my fingers to look like little trolls", then go for it, try out this trend. I suggest the rainbow fur...

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and leave this trend to New York Fashion Week, and hopefully that's where it stays.

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