Vice President Joe Biden says that while his son was fighting for his life during his battle with cancer, President Barack Obama offered him money to help support his son's family.

According to an article on Huffington Post, Biden told Obama that he and his wife were considering selling their house to help support his son's family while he received treatments for his illness. When the Vice President uttered those words, Biden says Obama said, "No."

President Obama insisted that Biden and wife, Jill, not sell their home to support his son's family. Obama reportedly told his running mate that he and his family would give them all the money they needed when it came to supporting Beau's family.

In an interview with CNN, Biden says that he and President Obama are that close. There's so much that goes on behind closed doors and to hear a story like this you see just how close our leaders really are.

Look, you may not like President Obama for whatever reason(s), but you have to respect the man for stepping up for his friend and his family during their time of need. Sadly, Vice President's Biden's son succumbed to his illness.


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