When life has you down and the only thing that will help brighten your mood is over the counter pharmaceuticals, the average American has plenty of options for anti-depressants. But if you're the President of the United States, you need something different. You need something special. You need Paxil. Thanks to 'SNL,' we now know exactly how President Barack Obama is able to deal with every crisis and scandal that comes his way.

In a very funny commercial parody that hits the major beats of your average American medication commercial with uncanny accuracy, Jay Pharoah plays President Obama, whose disastrous second term is stressful, depressing and, of course, shot in black and white. Enter Paxil, happiness in pill form that's capable of making even the most deeply distressed Commander in Chief turn his frown upside down!

The scene has the earmarks of all solid 'SNL' commercial parodies, but it gets a few extra points for making excellent use of Pharoah's Obama, who the actor nails perfectly even when he's not speaking. It may not be the hardest hitting of satire, but there are few things funnier than watching the leader of the free world happily munching on a bottle of pills in response to a narrator listing off his laundry list of problems.

Of course, Paxil isn't covered by Obamacare.

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