If you're a human with a larger than normal derriere, then chances are you were nodding in agreement to this entire video.

The clip is based off of the popular Buzzfeed post 29 Struggles That Only People With Big Butts Will Understand. Have you experienced any of the following big booty struggles?

  • Jeans that fit your butt, don't fit your waist.
  • You literally get stuck in your jeans, and once you get them on, they rip.
  • People automatically assume your big butt means that you can "twerk."
  • Bikes.
  • You constantly knock things over on accident.
  • Patterns = False compliments.
  • Skirts vanish in the back.
  • Your butt makes your leggings see through from behind.
  • Creepy people become even creepier.
  • You become overly self-conscious and feel your butt is always inadvertently the center of focus.

No matter the struggle you have with your booty, embrace your gift and never be afraid to "shake what your mama gave ya."

[via Buzzfeed]