The custodian of all seven radio stations, "Big D," was on the show early Friday morning and we were discussing how to rid your yard of moles.

I have been catching moles for a few years now, but I have NEVER tried this technique when it comes to removing the pests from my yard.

"Big D" says that he a problem with moles in his yard and that he has had enough of them destroying his lawn. Therefore, he says he will try to lure them to some mixture and then catch them!!!

No, this won't work, but it's VERY ENTERTAINING!!! And knowing him, he will try this!

If you're having trouble with moles in your yard the best thing you can do to rid them is to remove their food source (worms, grubs, etc.) You can purchase granules and spread them throughout your yard and their food source(s) will be gone.

Good luck, and please DO NOT try "Big D's" technique.

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